Wandering Jew

Every gardner knows that Wandering Jew is a plant that adapts really quickly in any environment and condition. This plant is unique and doesn’t require much care. It will regenerate itself and grow out of control on its own. Wandering Jew plant will adapt quickly. It spreads and grows on it’s own even when given minimal care.
There is a legend to how this plant got its name. Jewish people have been wandering the world for the past 2000 years. They have adapted to the places they went just like Wandering Jew plant adapts to any enviroment and any condition. The legend is about a character who is condemned to roam and wander the world because he struck Christ on the day of the Crucifixion.
Wandering-Jew stripes
This trailing plant wanders and spreads around and can be found growing all over just like Jewish people who have wandered from their land and today are living in every part of the world. This plants ability to adapt in any place is tightly connected to Jewish people because both wander off and adapt to different living enviroments and conditions.

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