Wandering Jew Hanging Plant

The wandering jew plant is also know as creeping jew, spiderwort and purple heart. This plant is usually planted in hanging baskets and it is a well known hanging plant. It’s leaves have white, silver and purple stripes. The stems can grow over a foot long.

Wandering jew produces small clusters of white, pink or purple blooms in spring and summer. Taking care of this plant is really easy, because wandering jew plant is adaptable to almost any condition.

Wandering jew does best in hanging baskets. It’s branches will trail down the sides of the pot which will look amazing. Hanging baskets should be put in some direct sunlight every day. If a wandering jew doesn’t recieve enough sunlight it will reduce the color of the leaves. This, hanging plant perfers warm temperatures and humidity. It requires mist freguently and watering twice a week.
wandering-jew-plant forest
Hanging basket wandering jew should have a saucer underneath the plant that should be filled with water. Wandering jew plant should be pruned frequently. Ends of stems should be pinched off. This will result in a more fuller and bushier hanging wandering jew plant. Wandering jew is a perfect hanging plant that gives amazing blooms and doesn’t require a lot of care.