Wandering Jew Ground Cover

Wandering jew plant is commonly used as a ground cover in areas of light foot traffic, in front of tall flowers, in shady spots, and along walkways. It’s often planted in spots where grass will not flourish. Ground covers are usually planted to control soil erosion. Wandering jew plant makes an amazing ground cover. It’s an evergreen perennial which produces tiny pink, purple or white flowers which grow in clusters. Its foliage is silver green and has a purple underside.

Wandering jew ground cover is very adaptable and can thrive in sun or shade in North America. It will hold water in its stems during the season of drought. Wandering jew is a really easy plant to grow and doesn’t require a lot of maintaince. This ground cover grows in well drained soil which has a high organic content. Moist soil is required in order to keep the leaves vibrant color.
Wandering Jew Plant vine
Wandering jew will adapt quickly to any enviroment. It is propagated very easily by cuttings. Propagation can be done by placing cuttings into water to form roots then planting it in a pot, or by simply planting cuttings into a moist soil in the pot next to the wandering jew. This ground cover grows rapidly and will spread like crazy which makes it an excellent ground cover.

Wandering jew is considered as invasive plant in some regions of New Zealand because of it’s rapid growth. Wandering jew is not just used as ground cover, it is also commonly used as container plants for front yards, hanging basket plants, and for landscaping. Wandering jew plants are usually sold as starter plants in 3” pots or in hanging baskets. Try placing a few cuttings in your shade spots of the back yard or garden and see how it will transform into a beautiful and calming area of purple ground cover.