Wandering Jew Flower Essence

Wandering jew plant is native to Central America, Mexico. It is widely spread across globe and can be found growing in most regions of the world. It’s widely spread in many areas of the New Zealand where it grows as a groundcover. There it is considered as an invasive species because it grows quickly in a short period of time and it’s growth is hard to control once it establishes its roots. Wandering jew plant is very adaptable and can grow in almost all conditions and enviroments. It’s stems perfer to trail down and wander off. This is why the plant is named the Wandering jew. It makes an excellent hanging plant. Wandering jew flowers are white, purple or pink. They are produced in small clusters.
Wandering Jew blooms
A Wandering jew flower essence was made 29 March 1999. It was made with tiny white flowers, just a few days before Easter which means that it was made in the week of the Jewish Passover. This is a very important significance of the date because the plants name. The Wandering jew flower essence is very powerful and is perfered by people who are under the spell of any type of relationship illusion. The flower essence gives a definition of coming clean and emerging from self persecution. This essence is for people who want to heal attachments to relationships and to help boost a peron towards freedom. Wandering jew flowers grow in small clusters and look attractive on bushy trailing down plant, which gives off a strong smelling essence.

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