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Creeping Plants

Creeping plants are great for planting under trees, down slopes, and between rock gasps. They are perfect vine plants and groundcovers. Creeping plants out not up and scatter along the ground where they grow roots as they move. There are many varieties of creeping plants. Creeping plants are usually easy to grow. They can grow from cuttings or by seedlings. Plants should be planted a few inches from each other and kept watered every day until they are established. Many culinary herbs are considered as creeping plants. They perfer a lot of sunlight.

Creeping thyme, prostrate rosemary, and the golden oregano are just some culinary creeping herbs. These herbs give aromatic delicate flowers and culinary herbs. Most creeping plants grow between rocks and are only a few inches tall. Creeping plants that tolerate shade inluce the golden creeping jenny, peacock moss and the eco lacquered spider. There are many other varities of creeping plants that enjoy both sun and shade including the creeping raspberry plant, the blue star creeper, and the mazus reptans.
Wandering Jew Plant outdoor
Creeping plants are perfect for adding final touch and enhancing flowerbeds. They are ideal as ground covers and hanging basket plants. Spiderwort and Wandering jew plant are excellent creeping plants for hanging baskets. Both of these plants produce clusters or flowers and their foliage is attractive and dense. They are easy to grow plants that don’t require a lot of care. Wandering jew and spiderwort are much similar plants. They are easily propagated by cuttings. Cuttings are kept in moist soil until the roots are established.

Pruning is really important for Wandering jew plant, spiderwort and other creeping plants. By pinching off stems you will ensure that your creeping plant grows more fuller and bushier. Pruning is a must for creeping plants. This will keep them fuller and healthy looking plants. Creeping plants need fertlizer during growing season once a week. Creeping plants are great for final touch in any landscape design.