Spring jobs in the garden

Winter is behind us and we all can hardly wait to get to work on our garden. We are looking forward to the blossoming and pleasant spring odor. Every year of gardening we learn something new. In late February we begin to work around the roses. A soon as the temperature rises we get rid of the mound that we put on each rose to protect it from the frost. Leaves that have not fallen of in the autumn should be removed from the plant. In February we can start to climb roses because then they are less sensitive to possible fluctuations in temperature. If the temperature is higher than -4 degrees then we can get rid of anything that protected our roses from the frost. Other types of plants should get pruned around mid-March.
But this does not mean that we don’t have anything to do in our garden around this time. If you have not sprayed your plants before the winter now it’s the time to do so. Also, if you are planning a spring planting of roses, February is a deadline to prepare the ground for planting. Before we start to plant our rose garden we should know a little bit about the type of the rose that we want to plant. There are many different varieties of roses. It is important that everything should be planned before planting because with proper care roses can live up to 40 years.

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