Purple Heart Wandering Jew Plant

Purple Heart (Setcresea pallida) is a name commonly used for Wandering Jew Plant that has purple blossom. It is generally classified as a Tradescantia and comes from a family of Commelinaceae. Purple Wandering Jew has a very breakable stems and grows up to 12 inches tall. It resists light frosts and grows the best in partial shade, but it survives almost in any condition. This plant originates Lousiana, Florida and Eastern Mexico, but today is found growing all over the world. It requires moderate water, but grows well in dry conditions also. Putting stems in the ground will grow a new plant.
purple heart
This plant thrives in high humidity and can survive in tough conditions. Purple Heart is a plant that multiplies quickly. It makes an excellent house plant which requires minimum care. If planted outside, during freezing temperatures this plant will die but will return back in the spring. Purple Heart Wandering Jew makes an excellent ground cover plant.

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