Plant Nurseries

Plant nurseries are places where plants are propagated. Nurseries usually grow plants in greenhouses. A greenhouse is a building of glass designed to protect young plants from frost whille allowing light and venilation. Some nurseries grow large assortment of plants while others specialize in one plant category such as garden vegetables, ground covers or flowers. A greenhouse usually has an automated temperature control, watering and feeding systems. Today, we have many nurseries to choose from. There are lots of local nurseries but also many online nurseries. It is always perferable for a gardener to choose a local nursery because it will be less expensive and the plant will not experience the stress of being mailed. Many gardeners want exotic plants which will not always be grown in your local nursery so that’s why many gardners order their plants from nurseries around the country. Online plant nurseries are safe. Most of them will refund if something goes wrong. Before purchasing your plant from an online plant nursery make sure to red the refund and shipping policies to make sure that you agree with them. There is also available shipping by air. It is perferable because the plant is less likely to get cooked or frozen because it will get to it’s destination much faster than shipping it by standard mail. When you get your plant plant it immediately and make sure to keep it away from the direct sun. Do not fertilize the plant right away. Your plant is already stressed and fertilizing could kill the plant.
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When your plant shows new growth then you can try adding just a little bit of fertilizer. If your plant is planted in the ground it probably doesn’t need fertilizer at all. There are many lists of online plant nurseries. Make sure to shop around because there are a variety of prices for the same plant. Some of the best plant nurseries are Florida Colors and Top Tropicals. Both of these plant nurseries are located in Florida. They have a huge selection of fruit trees. Old House Nursery is located in Michigan and sells different kinds of flowers. Other well known plant nurseries include Logees located in Connecticut, and Raintree in Washington. They have a huge variety of plants, flowers, exotic and ornamental fruits. All of these nurseries pack the plants very carefully and make sure that the plants generally arrive in great shape.