How to Grow Wandering Jew Houseplants

Wandering jew houseplant is one of the easiest plants to grow. It doesn’t require much attention and adapts to almost any condition and enviroment. Wandering jew comes in a wide range of colored foliage and has pink, white or purple blooms. This plant is perfect for hanging baskets because it trails down and wanders everywhere, which explains how it got its name. Wandering jew thrives best in rich soil with a good drainage. The plant should be kept in bright, indirect sunlight. Soil should be kept moist at all times. Liquid fertilizer should be used weekly for the roots to form a good system. Cuttings can be used to make your wandering jew plant bushier. Simply put the cuttings in the moist soil next to your plant. Cuttings will form a new plant. Cuttings can be also put in water to form roots then should be planted in a pot or hanging basket. Pinching off stems will make your wandering jew healthier and bushier plant and will encourage it to grow and bloom.

What Season Is Best To Plant The Wandering Jew?
Wandering jew is both, outdoors and indoor plant. Outdoors it is often planted as ground cover. It is also planted in hanging baskets. The best time to plant your wandering jew outside is in early spring. This will encourage your wandering jew to start growing when temperatures start to get warmer. Wandering jew needs bright and sunny spot but also thrives in the shade. This plant is considered one of the easiest to grow, so there are little chances that your wandering jew will not thrive. Plant your wandering jew in a moist, rich soil. Add fertilizer once a week and keep it moist all the time.Pinch off stems to encourage growth and blooms. Wandering jew will give you beautiful blossom of white, pink or purple color.
Wandering Jew flowers
What Is The Secret To A Healthy Wandering Jew Plant?
In order to thrive, Wandering jew plant needs bright and sunny spot. It should be fertilized once a week and kept in a moist and rich soil. Wandering jew plants likes warm temperature and a good amount of humidity. Pinching of stems, will make your plant more fuller and bushier, and it will make your wandering jew not look saggy. Wandering jew does best in hanging baskets and small pots.

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