Flowering House Plants

We buy plants with flowers to enjoy them and to create a little more garden inside our home. They give our homes fragnance and cozy touch. There is a lot that we can do to make the flowers hang on longer. When purchasing a flowering house plants look for the plants that are in bud and that the flowers are not fully opened.
This way you will enjoy your plant for a longer period. Always buy fresh plants and keep them away from ripening fruit and from the heat. Flowering house plants need a lot of bright and natural light. Most will need to get fertilirized. Africsn Violets are one of the most popular flowering house plants. Jasmine has one of the most fragnant blooms of any other houseplant. Other most popular flowering plants are Amaryllis, Begonia, Hibiscus, Oxalis, Kaffir Lily, Gloxinia, Geranium and many others. These flowering plants are a wonderful treat on a winter day. Most of these flowering house plants come in a wide range of colors and are

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