Care of Wandering Jew

Wandering Jew is an ideal plant for any gardner. It comes in purple, silver and green leaves of color, and adapts to any lighting conditions. Taking care of Wandering Jew plant is pretty much easy. This hanging plant grows quickly and spreads out on its’ own. For this reason, it should be planted in a much bigger pot than you would ordinarly use, because it needs a lot of room to grow. Once it’s planted it doesn’t require much care. Watering and spraying should be done weekly to keep the soil not too dry. Stems of Wandering Jew can grow really long. If these stems are not shortened a plant might look leggy and might loose its’ shape. Cutting those long branches will keep your plant in shape and your plant will grow more bushier. It is not recommended using fertilizer on Wandering Jew. Planting your Wandering Jew in a hanging basket with different kinds of colorful annuals will give it a whole new look.
Pink wandering jew plant
Best place to keep it, is somewhere close to the window in a hanging basket.. It could also be used as an outdoor plant in warm climate. If grown outdoor during frost the plant dies but will grow back again in spring on its’ own. Caring for Wandering Jew Plant requires minimum time and care and it makes and ideal plant for any beginning gardner.

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